SkyMax Paramotors

We are excited to announce that we are now importing a new line of paramotors! We are now importing the light weight and durable Skymax Paramotors!

These paramotors provide unbelievable strength and flexibility.

They are made from an anodized aircraft grade aluminum alloy and have titanium S-Bars/pivot arms.  The cage hoop and struts are all made from titanium and are supported by carbon fiber beams for maximum strength and weight savings. The net is made from Dyneema fiber and hand woven for maximum strength.

The SkyMax soft Fuel Tank is a unique feature.  This fuel tank is extremely light weight and designed to take an extreme amount of punishment in the unlikely event of a hard landing.  It is engineered with a double bottom separated by a protective layer for maximum durability.  And it’s been tested to it’s limits in some unique and innovative ways that help to show just how durable it is.

Dobermann 3.2

IFLYCC is now a USPPA certified school!

I Fly CC has officially become certified through the USPPA.  Powered paragliding is a self-regulated sport, so technically you are not required by law to be a certified pilot. Getting good training is, however, paramount to personal safety as well as avoiding blundering into restricted airspace. The USPPA is the oldest self regulatory organization in the United States for Powered Paragliding and they publish a large amount of information concerning safety and the law that has proven to be invaluable to people all across the nation.

By becoming a certified school, we hope to show how dedicated we are in providing the best possible service for everyone in the sport. We have big plans to become the premier USPPA Certified School in South Texas.

trailer wrap

Trailer Wrap

Thanks to our friends over at  Iconic Sign Group LLC, our trailer has never looked better!

If you see us rolling through town, take a picture and post it to us on Facebook, or your favorite social media site.  We love to be seen.